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Djibouti Port Secure

1. Djibouti Port Secure

The mission of Port Secure Djibouti is to provide to the Port of Djibouti with the capability to patrol and monitor the security of all Ports & Free zones at all times. More importantly our service is and continues to be in full compliance with all national and international security regulations in force at this time.

PSD conducts Operational training throughout the year (Practical and classroom theory) and in tandem with other Port departments has implemented a Security Administration and Documentation educational programme which allow us and the port to achieve and maintain a higher understanding of more in depth administration processes required to consistently manage our Security system pertaining to the ISO programme


2. World Class Safety Standard


PSD operate to DP WORLD Corporate Safety Policy standards and operate under the oversight of the Port Safety Department during safety implementation and policing. In conjunction whit other departments of the Port who oversee the more specialised working practices such as Container Terminal staff and the Port general Cargo dept, PSD provide a more general oversight of workplace safety implementation including for example:

  • Berth Traffic control and safe working practices,
  • Workplace mouvement,
  • PPE (safety clothing and equipment) use in the Port access roads,
  • Train safe movement,
  • Operational vehicle movement,
  • Heavy machinery escort,
  • Commercial Truck safe usage and movement.