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Horizon Terminal (HDTL)

HDTL is the sole state of the art petroleum terminal in the East of Africa area. Its strategic location on the cross- road of major shipping lanes makes it even more appeal- ing. HDTL offers deep water draft dedicated jetties as well as large tank capacities, which meet local, regional and contango (Trading) storage requirements. Accompanying the great vision of a regional hub structure, HDTL has doted itself of a global storage capacity of 371,000 cubic meters (cbm) with two berths of 30,000 and 80,000 dwt; 12 truck loading bays, 1 LPG bulk truck loading.

This capacity could ensure the supply of local and region- al demand and could easily be doubled to sustain the steadily increase in regional demand as well as to cater the booming sector of the independent petroleum companies.

Horizon Djibouti Terminals aims at being the leading terminal link services provider in the region and in Africa as a whole through the delivery of world-class services in bulk liquid storage combined with wide range of value added logistics services.