CNSS Registration

Documents required:

The client must send a written request to the APZFD seeking the registration of its free zone company with the CNSS, within 48 hours of registration of the company with the Register of Trade Free Zone. Registration for the free zone company to the NSSF is mandatory.

List of documents to provide:

Written request with the following phrases:
The name of the manager
The company's creation date
Form "Employer Certification" completed by the manager of the company
A copy of the license and the company's training certificate
4 black and white photographs (photos disallowed colors)
A photocopy of the national identity card (front / back) or passport.

The waiting period to receive the registration number is 10 working days from the date of receipt of the complete application.


A. Documents required

The company must submit a written request to the APZFD for the registration of their national employees to the CNSS, within 48 hours after they are hired.
The following information must be included in the application:
Employee names
their position
Date of hire
Their gross salary

The Company's principal must complete the "Request registration of an employee and employment" and the form "Certificate ofEmployment".
The documents required are:
A copy of the contract
4 black and white photographs (photos not accepted colors)
A copy of the national identity card (front and back)
A copy of the license
Copy of the company's certificate of registration to the CNSS

The footprints of each employee will be required once the approved registration. The employee will report in person to the office of the CNSS to take fingerprints and receive the calling or temporary card CNSS.

The waiting period to receive these cards will be two weeks from the date of registration of the application, upon receipt of a complete application.

B. Duplicate

The company must submit a written request to the APZFD requesting the replacement of the lost card and fill in the form of "Duplicate Certificate of Employment".
The names, positions and employee hire date must be stated in the application.

The documents required are the same as for the first issue

The office of the CNSS is closed on Mondays and Thursdays.

The waiting period to receive these cards is one week from the date of receipt of the request, only if all the documentation is complete.

C. Accident Statement

In an accident, the company must contact the services of the CNSS to inform them of the accident within 48 hours after the accident.

The company will fill out forms that will be provided by the CNSS.

D. Dismissal

At termination, the company in question must be filed with the APZFD and office APZFD the employment certificate form duly completed and supplemented with the date of layoff or termination.