Driver's License

A. For a driving license conversion

The company must file a written request for the conversion of the driving license with the following documents:
  A medical certificate made Pelletier Hospital whose price is 4000DJF, payable by the customer to the Hospital;
Original driving license of the country of origin;
4 passport photos;
A copy of the 12-month visa. At the time of filing the application, the applicant must have resided in the country for a minimum of 6 months.
Copy of the residence permit
Copy of work permit
Copy of the license
Copy of the invoice EDD / ONEAD / Djibouti Telecom (employer's certificate stating that the person lives in this apartment and pays these costs even if the bill is registered under the name of the company)

The waiting time is approximately 2 weeks from the date of submission of your completed application.

B. For a new driver's license

The customer must enroll in a driving school in Djibouti. After passing the examination code and conduct, the customer must submit toour office its complete driving school record.
It must also provide a copy of the 12-month visa. At the time of filing the application, the customer must have resided in the country for at least 6 months.

The customer will be asked for the code as well as a driving test to the municipality accompanied by an agent of the APZFD.

NB: Any non, who holds a valid driver's license from a country that has signed the Geneva Convention of 1949 on road traffic, can lead to Djibouti for a period of 6 months. After this period, the customer must request a license Djibouti.

Driving licenses for lorries are renewable and the application must be submitted to the Authority of Ports and Zone Franche areas of Djibouti.

The waiting period for obtaining the permit is ten days from the date of receipt of the request, only if all the documentation is complete.