Perishable Goods

A. Destruction of goods

The company must submit a written request to the APZFD seeking the destruction of goods. The documents required are:
Complete documents of the goods to be destroyed
Copy of Lading
Copy of delivery
List of cargo Packing
Certificate of origin.
After receipt of your application and required documents, a date for the inspection visit of hygienic service will be fixed.
The APZFD contact you to arrange a date and time for destruction.

Once these destroyed goods, the issue a certificate of destruction and PV by the health department, Public Safety and customs.

NB: If you donate food, we ask you to submit your prior request to our office in the approval. We ask you to join in this file the following documents:

1- Application for issuance of phytosanitary / health certificate
2. The name of the final recipient or beneficiary
3. Certificate of Incorporation of the Association (beneficiary)

4- donor commitment letter stating:
a. the recipient
b. the amount
c. The type of goods
d. The use

B. Health & Phytosanitary Certificates

The company must submit a written request to the APZFD applying for the issue of a health / phytosanitary certificate stating the date, time and place of the technical visit.

The documents required are:
copy of Bill of Lading
copy of the list of products to be inspected
health certificate copy / original phytosanitary.

The deadlines for issuing of the health / Phytosanitary Certificate is 3 to 5 working days.

An emergency 48-hour procedure is the same.

Upon filing of the request, the goods must be in the country for inspection. No certificates will be issued if the goods have already left the country.

C. Certificates of origin

All Free Zone companies availing of a minimum of 25% of value added production in Djibouti are eligible for "Made in DJIBOUTI".

To this end, the company must send a written request to the APZFD for the issuance of a certificate of origin. The documents required are:
Copy of Lading
Copy of the product list
Copy of the original Certificate of Origin, if there occurs

The APZFD reserves the right to conduct unannounced inspections to verify compliance with international rules and agreements for the issuance of the label "MADE IN DJIBOUTI".
The emergency procedure is 48 hours.

Note: At the time of filing of this application, the goods must be in the country for inspection. No certificates will be issued if the goods have already left the country.