The Ship chandler is shipping auxiliary specialised in supplying ships with food, water and other supplies.


  1. A natural or legal person of Djiboutian nationality who holds all the shares or shares held by Djiboutian
  2. Proof of financial capacity and technical capacity (see below)
  3. Proof of payment of the guarantee of 2000 000 fdj to the Public Treasury
  4. Valid license
  5. Proof of payment of CNSS contribution and Taxation Notice for the year 2014


All bank references, electricity bills, water, telephone/internet or residential lease must be imperatively on behalf of the transit company.

The head office of the company must be clearly marked by a sign bearing the name and full address of the company.

Technical capacity

  1. Refrigerated transport and storage capacities appropriate to the volume of its activity and whose temperature may be maintained at any time between -5 ° and 5 ° for the delivery of fresh or refrigerated food
  2. One or more cold rooms with an overall capacity of 200 m3, maintained at -20 ° for the storage of frozen food
  3. A fleet of vehicles and stores suitable for its volume of activity in relation to the storage and transport of non-food items.