Vehicle Registration

A. Vehicle Registration

The company must submit a written request to the APZFD for the registration of vehicles. The documents required are:
Complete record of the vehicle provided by the Free Zone Company (original documents);
Certificate of registration issued by the Customs;
If vehicles are subject to tax, attach the payment receipt and fill out the certification form for the registration of the vehicle;
Mention in the folder:
   Car race,
   Type or model;
   The chassis number,
   Engine of the vehicle number,
   Craft's power (hp number)
   Country of origin of the vehicle,
   New car or used vehicle. For used cars, add the old registration of the vehicle;
   Complete the form Traffic commissioning statement.
The waiting period to receive these cards will be 10 working days from the date and time of receipt of the request, only if all the documentation is complete.

B. Technical inspection of vehicles and machinery

Technical visits are mandatory and must fulfill the following obligations:
Check the condition of all gear 6 months
Inform APZFD of the deadlines of six months for a new technical visit
File with the a written request containing:
The originals of outstanding authorizations
Copy of the license
Copy of vehicle registration
Other document vehicles

The APZFD will schedule the visit by fixing a meeting. It will deliver to each company an outstanding authorization.