forwarding agent

Forwarding agent is an auxiliary of shipping, commissioned by customers, whose mission is to organise the link between two modes of transport to ensure continuity within the strict framework of the instructions.


  1. Physical person and/or entity of Djiboutian nationality or any legal person of Djiboutian citizen which all the shares are held by Djibouti;
  2. Having qualified personnel among executives and Logistics degree holders
  3. Professional Insurance
  4. a working capital of 30 million FDJ, equivalent to the cost of port passage of 300 containers per month, certified by a bank document
  5. A valid patent
  6. Proof of payment of bail of 15 million fdj with the Public Treasury
  7. Proof of payment of contributions to CNSS and taxation Notice of 2014

All bank references, electricity bills, water, phone / Internet, residential lease must imperatively be in the name of the transit company.

The company's headquarters must be clearly indicated by a sign bearing the name and complete address of the company.