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Djibouti Shipping Company

General Description

Djibouti Shipping Company FZE (DSC) was established by the Great Horn Investment Holding (GHIH) in February 2017 and is the country’s first shipping company. The main target of DSC is to create a regional feeder service to neighbouring ports based on transhipment cargo from mainline vessels. A two-week port loop is envisioned for East Africa which includes the ports of Berbera, Mogadishu, Mombasa, and Dar es Salaam. DNSC wishes to offer a distinguished and reliable feeder service to fulfil customers’ needs and develop its fleet by aligned the growth of DNSC with the growth of its customers. Core values of DSC include responsibility, commitment, and equality.
The DSC has a subsidiary company, the Djibouti National Shipping Agency (DSA). The DSC is the owner of the vessels and responsible for all maintenance, insurance, and labour costs related to the vessels. The DSA is responsible for everything related to the loading and unloading of vessels.

Status of the Project

The DSC envisions to operate two vessels in the first phase of operations:
• a livestock vessel capable of handling approximately 1.2M tons of
sheep and camels over a total of five decks; and
• a 1,100 TEU container vessel.
The livestock vessel will be deployed to export livestock from Ethiopia to primarily Egypt and Jeddah. The projected demand for livestock exports from Ethiopia is approximately 1.0M heads per annum.