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DPFZA Chairman meets the Vice-President of Sinotrans

DPFZA Chairman meets the Vice-President of Sinotrans

During his mission in China, the Chairman embarked on his inaugural visit to Sinotrans, a major player in the logistics sector. Over the past four years, Sinotrans has been a significant partner of DPFZA.

In light of this, the Chairman expressed gratitude towards Sinotrans, particularly for their support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid global transportation disruptions, the company responded swiftly by the transportation and logistics for respiratory equipment and vaccines, contributing to saving lives in Djibouti.

Sinotrans further demonstrated its commitment by participating in the specialized transportation of equipment for the Red Sea Power wind farm to Ghoubet, utilizing specially designed trucks for heavy cargo transport from the port to Ghoubet.

During discussions, the Vice-President of Sinotrans, Mr. Figo HE, expressed the genuine interest of Sinotrans in a deeper cooperation to leverage Djibouti as an African gateway.