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DPFZA-GHIH Chairman made a notable appearance at the 2024 Africa CEO Forum

DPFZA-GHIH Chairman made a notable appearance at the 2024 Africa CEO Forum

On May 16, Aboubaker Omar Hadi, Chairman of DPFZA-GHIH, made a notable appearance at the prestigious 2024 Africa CEO Forum Annual Summit. This esteemed gathering, attended by over 2000 participants from across 70 countries, including delegates from 40 African nations, and Global corporations boasted the presence of numerous Heads of States and Ministers.

Hadi commenced his participation by joining the distinguished panel discussing "Charting Digital Waters: Preparing African Ports for the Maritime Single Window." Leveraging his role as the Chairman of Djibouti Ports and Community Systems, Hadi delivered insightful perspectives on the implementation of Maritime Single Window systems.

Djibouti's pioneering port and community systems offer a cutting-edge digital reporting platform, revolutionizing the exchange of vital information between ships and governmental bodies. This initiative not only streamlines operations but also lays the groundwork for the comprehensive digitization of Djibouti's ports.

The Djibouti Ports and Community Systems portal serves as a centralized hub, providing comprehensive data on arrivals, stays, and departures at Djibouti ports.

By digitizing and sharing this information in near real-time, our ports significantly enhance operational efficiency. In addition, we have broadened our digital services beyond the Maritime Single Window, incorporating PCS and corridor services into an international data-sharing network. This enhances visibility and transparency in maritime activities worldwide.

Hadi's engagement at the Africa CEO Forum Annual Summit underscores DPFZA-GHIH's commitment to spearheading innovative solutions and fostering collaboration within the African business landscape.