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Djibouti Port Community System


Launched in July 2018, Djibouti Port Community System provides a comprehensive set of online services to the port and trading communities, and aims to leverage technology to simplify, connect and streamline all processes linked to ports and trade in Djibouti.
DPCS is the electronic single point of entry, coordinating air, sea, land and rail trade, and thereby consolidating Djibouti’s role as a multimodal transport hub. It is fully aligned with the recommendations of both the World Customs Organization and World Trade Organization, ensuring that Djibouti’s infrastructure services meet the highest international standards for foreign investors.
An integrated tool which tracks the cargo, DPCS makes port operations more efficient and allows importers to use Djiboutian infrastructure with complete confidence.
Increased transparency and efficiency, lower costs for operators, and compliance with international standards are amongst the key benefits of DPCS.