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The first national hydroponic agriculture technology in DIFTZ.

The first national hydroponic agriculture technology in DIFTZ.

On Sunday, the Minister of Agriculture, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Awaleh, along with the Chairman of DPFZA, Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi, visited the Modern Agriculture Park in DIFTZ, the first national "Vertical Plantation" using hydroponic technology. 

Djibouti being a semi aride country suffering scarce water resources, imports more than 85 % of its vegetables needs. Local agriculture requires significant amounts of water, resources and land footprint, often unsustainable and economically challenging. 

With this innovative and eco-friendly approach, the project will greatly contribute to Djibouti’s food self-sufficiency, will also save up to 95% of water consumption and will increase the yield by 80 to 120 times compare to the traditional agriculture. 

The diverse range of green vegetables cultivated inside soilless greenhouse, such as Leek, Coriander, Italian Lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Roman green basil, Wutai Vegetable, Glebionis coronaria, Shanghai Green Rapeseed, Cherry Radish, and Tonic Diet Chinese Wolfberry, can come to maturity within 30 days. The first harvest of 10 kinds of varieties of vegetables is planned for the end of December.

The GMO, pesticide and pollution free project requires an initial investment US$1.75M. The next development stage will see the production of fruit vegetables before scaling up to a green warehouse plant.