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Djibouti Business District

General Description

With the majority of port operations having shifted to DMP, DCT, and the Horizon Terminal, the old port is envisioned to be reclassified. Due to the geostrategic location near the core of the city, the existing port has the required characteristics to be transformed into a business district. The district is expected to comprise residential areas, financial buildings, waterfront developments, and a cruise terminal to cater for the tourism activities in the city of Djibouti.


The Djibouti Business District has been developed with the vision to:
• build a vital mixed-use city core of global stature;
• create a new urban lifestyle for the people of Djibouti;
• provide accommodation for thirty thousand residents;
• transform Djibouti’s tourism with a world class cruise liner terminal; and,
• deliver a world class central business district at the city’s heart.

Status of the Project

A feasibility study for the Djibouti Business District has been completed. Construction will start once the old port is completely closed. Currently, there are still port operations performed including the livestock terminal. The total investments for the Business district are estimated to be approximately USD 3.5B.