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DPFZA technical team in Hobyo, Somalia

DPFZA technical team in Hobyo, Somalia

Subsequent to the visit of Hobyo Investment Holding Group to the Chairman of dpfza,

DPFZA has dispatched a technical team to study the construction of a deep sea port at Hobyo.


The Tasks undertaken by the technical team during their stay from 09th to 12th of February are:

-Quarry site

-Inspection of Access Roads to Quarries

-Implementation and Topographic Survey of the Ouarries

-Bathymetric Survey of the Selected Port Area of shoreline

-Soil Investigations

-Road Construction

The technical team has received a warm welcome from the Hobyo Community. Hobyo has a rich history as an ancient port city in Galmudug state in the north-central Mudug region of Somalia.

Hobyo was founded as a coastal outpost by the Ajuran Empire during the 13th century.

This visit succeeded with the support of Djibouti Air force Transportation. system, Sea-Air transport and regional integration.