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Djibouti Ship Repair Yard

General Description

With Djibouti being located on one of the world’s busiest sea routes, accommodating for adequate maintenance and dry-docking facilities is imperative. As such, the GHIH is developing an 80ha ship repair yard, comprising two floating docks equipped with two floating cranes of 32t. Furthermore, the ship repair yard is projected to have a quay line extending over 840m at a draught of -20.0m.
The yard will employ 200 people and will be able to repair ships weighing up to 80,000 DWT. The ship repair yard will offer a full range of services ranging from normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance to damage repair and extensive refits or conversion jobs. Total project costs are estimated to be approximately USD 400M. The original location of the shipyard was in Obock but it has now been planned in the Damerjog development.

Status of the Project

The project will be completed in September 202. During the construction of the project, around 1000 jobs will be created.