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  • East Africa Holding is now called the Jabanas Free Zone.

    At noon, Chairman Aboubaker Omar hadi  unveiled the new name and logo of the Jabanas Free Zone, formerly known as East Africa Holding. Strategically located between the DIFTZ and DMP, the Jabanas Free Zone  serves over 130 companies with different nationalities. It offers modern infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of its customers, including dry storage, cold storage, and other tailored services.

  • Chairman Hadi meets the Director and Country Manager of Chevron Egypt International products.

    On December 20th ,2023, Chairman Aboubaker Omar Hadi welcomed an important delegation from Chevron at Red Sea World. The delegation was led by Mr. Anis Aboulnaga, Director and  Country Manager of Chevron Egypt International products.

  • Chairman Hadi received Mr. Zhou Halqing from the China Exim Bank.

    On Sunday, December 17th,2023,at Red Sea World, DPFZA Chairman, Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi, had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Zhou Halqing from the Sovereign Business Department of China Exim Bank. The meeting was a significant opportunity to reflect on the recent discussions with the Vice President of China Exim Bank (in Beijing) during the 10th anniversary of Belt & Road Initiative and the Vice President of Wanhua Chemical Group.

  • The first harvest hydroponic vegetables produced in Djibouti.

    Four weeks later, the Minister of Agriculture and Chairman Aboubaker Omar Hadi attended the first harvest of several varieties of leafy vegetables at the Modern Agriculture Park in DIFTZ. This inaugural harvest included lettuce, cabbage, Wutai Vegetable, Glebionis coronaria, and Cherry Radish, all grown through hydroponic cultivation.

  • The construction of road infrastructure at the heart of the discussion

    On Wednesday, December 13th,2023, at the Red Sea World, Chairman of DPFZA, Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi met with Mrs. Fatou Fall, World Bank Representative Djibouti, and Mr. Georges Joseph Ghorra, IFC Principal Country officer for Djibouti.

    They discussed the IGAD-backed Djibouti-Kampala corridor project, a strategic infrastructure development aimed at enhancing regional connectivity, which has garnered interest from the World Bank and IFC.