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Potential ways of collaboration and investment between GHIH and Sohar Islamic Bank

Potential ways of collaboration and investment between GHIH and Sohar Islamic Bank

The Chairman of GHIH (Great Horn Investment Holding) received, on March 27th, in a meeting Abdul Wahid Mohamed Abdullah Al Murshidi, the Chief Islamic Banking Officer (CEO) of Sohar Islamic Bank, to delve into potential avenues for collaboration and investment.

The meeting was marked by a dynamic exchange of ideas centered around the creation of investment opportunities and trade financing. Both parties expressed keen interest in leveraging their respective strengths to foster mutually beneficial partnerships in the realms of infrastructure and port development.

Key areas of focus for potential collaborations between the two nations include economic synergy for the development of the Blue economy.

It also encompasses the following partnerships:

Ports Development: With a specific emphasis on bunkering business, the discussions highlighted the significance of optimizing port infrastructure to cater to evolving maritime services needs in the region.

Infrastructure Development: Recognizing the pivotal role of robust infrastructure in driving economic growth, the discussions also encompassed the prospect of collaborating on road infrastructure projects.

Both entities are eager to contribute to the development of modern, sustainable infrastructure that aligns with the broader goals of socioeconomic progress between East Africa and the Arabic Peninsula.

Commenting on the meeting, the Chairman of GHIH remarked, "We are delighted to engage in fruitful discussions with Sohar Islamic Bank, a renowned institution with a sterling reputation in the banking sector. By synergizing our expertise and resources, we aim to catalyze transformative developments that will unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity."

GHIH through the collaboration with international entities such as Sohar Islamic Bank shows its commitment to driving economic growth for Djibouti.