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Entry Visa

There are two types of entry visa: 

  1. Short stay visa, valid for 1 month with single entry
  2. Long stay visa , valid for 12 months with multiple entries. The holder of this visa must , concomitantly with his request, file a request for a residence permit and / or work permit (only for free zone employees ). 

Short stay visa

Documents to provide

The companies in Free Zones will send a written request to the One Stop Shop of the APZ F D, in which the manager or representative engages the responsibility of his company. The following information will be mentioned : 
         Name of visa beneficiary
         Position held[1]
         Country of origin 
         Duration of stay.

Form[2] completed visa application
Copy of passport
Copy of the employment contract[3]
Copy of the Company license.

In the event of a family visit, in addition to the aforementioned documents , the company must provide a copy of the residence permit and the work permit of the employee concerned.


Process duration

Normal request : 5 working days from the date of receipt of the file at the Counter 

Emergency request :
48 working hours with additional costs .
24 business hours with additional charges.

Expirations and cancellations

The visa to enter e is not renewable, the customer devr to leave the territory to its expiration. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the visa holder may be subject to expulsion from the territory . His company may be subject to financial sanctions

Expired long-stay visas will also not be renewed. However, clients must have a valid residence permit and work permit at all times when entering and leaving the territory.

For breaking or termination of employment contract, rev ient the company to restore the art say cards ava nt the departure of their employees. In the event of non-compliance with its obligation, the company may be subject to financial sanctions.


The following people can benefit from renewable long-stay visas , without a residence permit or work permit : 

shareholders who have no function in the company but who sometimes make working visits to the territory ,
Children under 18 ,
     Spouse of a worker in a free zone, these funds will be able to benefit from a residence permit without a work permit, they will have to prove their marital status.
CEOs and senior executives of our private partners. 

Consultants and other service providers external to the free zone company cannot claim a Long Stay Visa. Only Short Stay Visas will be issued to them on this basis.

Passport collection

File a copy of the authorization to enter the territory with the GU accompanied by two photos for passport collection .
Mention the departure date to the agents of the Single Window, with regard to the duration of the collection procedure set at 48 hours.
In case of emergency, submit a copy of the return ticket.
The procedure for entering the Republic of Djibouti for Ethiopian nationals and all foreigners other than European / American
Any Ethiopian national requiring an entry permit for a short stay or long stay in the Republic of Djibouti on a professional basis on behalf of a Free Zone company must submit a written request to the office of the Ports and Zones Authority Frank ().

Once the application has been lodged with the GU , the Authority will send the complete file to the Embassy of Djibouti in Addis Ababa. A confirmation email relating to the sending of the request will be sent to the company. The interested party, provided with his convocation, must present himself at the Embassy of Djibouti, in order to obtain his entry visa.


At the end of their stay in Djiboutian territory, the client must respect the expiration date of their visa and leave the country before the expiration of their entry visa so as not to incur penalty costs.

Long stay visa (12 months) : 

NB : A twelve-month visa for an Ethiopian national from Ethiopia cannot be issued by our offices. Once the one month visa issued by our Embassy via, the Ethiopian client can apply for a one year visa with the residence permit and work permit. These services will be rendered in Djibouti. 


This kind of visa is required for any employee / shareholder foreign  holder of an employment contract for a period s upérieure in a month that reside in Djibouti. Any application for a 12-month entry visa must be accompanied by the following documents :  


D alls written requesting the granting of a visa long stay
A legible copy of the passport ;
Fill out the residence visa form ; 
Copy of license
2 passport photos ; 
C Working ONTRACT ; 
U do not apply for a residence permit and work permit to regularize their situation.
Planned arrival date and no. flight