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 A trilateral strategic cooperation framework agreement

A trilateral strategic cooperation framework agreement

April 28th, marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of innovative energy solutions as the Chairman embarked on a pivotal visit to Dongchi New Energy Technology in Jilin, China. The visit provided an invaluable opportunity for direct engagement with the leading minds behind high technology and innovative research in the field of solid-state lithium batteries.

Jilin Dongchi New Energy Technology Co., is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, specializes in integrating research, development, production, and education in the field of solid-state lithium batteries.

Following the insightful visit, Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi sealed a trilateral strategic cooperation framework agreement between Jilin Dongchi New Energy Technology Co. and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Djibouti.

The Framework Cooperation Agreement on the New Energy Research Institute aims to:

-Provide comprehensive solutions for Djibouti's new energy industry,

-Develop industrial upgrading schemes based on new energy

-Implement training programs for new energy practitioners, including collaborative projects with the University of Djibouti.

During his address, the Chairman highlighted Djibouti's rich natural resources, emphasizing its strategic location in the vibrant African Rift region.

He stated that "Djibouti boasts significant geothermal resources, reflective of the region's intense geological activity. With over 5,000 hours of sunlight annually, Djibouti presents ideal conditions for solar energy development. Coastal regions, exposed to strong and consistent winds, are perfectly suited for wind energy production, exemplified by the exceptional performance of Djibouti's first wind farm in early 2023.”

The use of solid-state lithium batteries are going to catalyze DPFZA's transition to electric vehicles, boats, trains, and more. They will also provide the critical capacity to store and utilize intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind power, ensuring our country's access to renewable electricity.

The Chairman concluded by expressing optimism about the transformative potential of this collaboration, which will not only drive technological innovation but also contribute to sustainable development and economic growth in Djibouti.